Of Mice & Men Preference: Pissed Off



austincarlile: @Y/T/N Come on princess, it was a silly joke you look cute. ;)


alanashby: @Y/T/N I know I’m in trouble but please come back to bed. :(


aaronpauley: Y/T/N Come on ya know I love you you big duck. 


philipmanansala: Kiss me! Ya know you love it! Y/T/N


youngfuego: Y/T/N is obsessed with french fries so I bought her some bc she mad



Request: Hey I’m seeing BVB a few days before X-mas and I thought could you do an imagine where Andy has been broken up with Juliet for a while after she cheated on him and he hasn’t smiled but at the concert he sees a girl wearing a Santa hat and it makes him smile so the rest of the band plan…


All of BVB: “Group Meeting”


Okay I’m going out on a limb here because I’m not sure how much smut you’re comfortable with, but I think it’d be interesting to see an imagine involving all the guys - a “gangbang”, if you will. Maybe Y/N is dating one of them and confides in him that she has a fantasy of being with more than one man at a time, and of course he trusts his band brothers more than anyone else, so he surprises her by making her fantasy a reality. Could be kinda fluffy around the end.
I get carried away, this is kind of lengthy.
I based this on things that I personally like, so if you don’t enjoy some of the things I do, sorry. 
So yeah, here you go, hope you enjoy anyway. This is the first more descriptive smut I’ve written 

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Request: Ashley Purdy got drunk & you two fucked & had mini Ashley’s running around in 9 months :3
(OMFG I TOTALLY FORGOT THIS WAS IN MY DRAFTS HOLY SHIT I LOVE WHOEVER REQUESTED THIS. If you don’t know me, I’m addicted to Ashley Purdy & BVB so you guys should request more of them ^_^ ~…